We are architects of narrative.  we are builders of worlds.

You may recognize our Past and current clients:

We are Architects of Narrative.

We are Builders of Worlds.

Founded in 2017, we are a Los Angeles based IP Development studio
focused on
building franchiseable content across multiple platforms
including c
omic books, film, television, animation and video games.

You May be familiar with some of our past and current Partners:

Based on the "Silicon Beach" of Southern California, we are a team of successful multi-platform storytellers that have developed stories and created revenue generating assets for billion dollar franchises including

Resident Evil, Call of Duty, The Walking Dead, & The Marvel Universe. 

Our collective, composed of former executives at Lionsgate, Blizzard, Scopely, and Electronic Arts delivers every aspect of development from story architecture, concept art, and script writing, to promotional content, pitch packages and demo production.


Our tailored strategies combine strong narrative with a data-driven approach to revenue.  Our focus begins with the niche geek fandom and the optimal premium platform to launch a given narrative.

The core of our work is creating a franchiseable world that is ripe to be expanded and licensed across multiple entertainment platforms including Graphic Novels, Web Comics, Video Games, Animation, Film, & Television, as well as toys and other ancillary merchandise.


Utilizing our A-level network of creatives in the heart of Los Angeles, CA and our partners overseas, we help to expand the content and facilitate the sale or license of the IP in the global entertainment marketplace.


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